PVD Materials for
Thin Films Industries
About ProTech Materials

Provider of thin films materials for the architectural glass, wear
resistant coating, solar photovoltaic, web coating and optical
coating industries since 1997.

Applying the ProTech team's experience in target manufacturing,
physical vapor deposition (PVD) and PVD equipment
manufacturing, ProTech Materials is positioned to offer customers
integrated thin film solutions.

ProTech Materials has the unique capability to manufacture
custom engineered thin films materials on a small scale for
concept and feasibilty studies with the ability to rapidly ramp to
production quantities when needed.

ProTech provided a wide variety of ceramic, metal and metal alloy
sputtering targets, high purity evaporation materials and indium

Among the many materials offered, ProTech Materials has
extensive experience in transparent conductive oxides (TCO),
including indium tin oxide (ITO) and alumina doped zinc oxide
(AZO).  ProTech also offers customer specified engineered TCOs
upon request.

Additional services available include bonding, backing plates and
backing tubes, as well as, target recycling.

If you are considering new partners to enhance your supply chain,
have unique thin film requirements in need of engineered
materials or are challenged with cost reduction goals, ProTech
Materials can help.
Protech Materials is
proud to announce
Jacques Matteau as
the newest member to
our team. Jacques
comes with a wealth of
very strong
background in
materials science. This
coupled with his well
developed business
background he comes
well equipped to assist
in the next stage of
growth for our
NEW Products
SmCo, NdFeB,
Refractory materials
such as Tungsten,
Molybdenum in many
forms now available,
including: furnace lining,
crucibles, immersion
electrodes, hearth
plates and many more.
Casting of low
temperature alloys
; a series
of projects we have been
involved has lead to our
developing significant
expertise in this area.
Protech welcomes our new
representatives to help us and our

in California:
John Freeman:
Corinne D'Ambrosio

in the midwest:
Frank Scanlon
(408) 726-1170
(650) 292-5435